Is It Possible To Buy a Domain Name For Life?

Domain Name for lifetime

Surfing around the other day I came across a site that is called Buy a Domain Name For Life. Now that is an interesting idea as I have lots of domains and have a spreadsheet where I keep track of them all, especially when they are coming up for renewal. Some domains have to be renewed every year and some every two years. There are a couple that I renewed for 10 years.

So I really like the idea of being able to buy a domain name for life.

Apparently you can not get a domain name for your life, unless you register a new domain name then die within a year – in that case you would have had the domain name for life.

However, you can get a free domain name for life at some places as long as you keep your hosting with them. This means that they have to host your web site and as long as you keep your website with them they will keep renewing your domain name.

I have serious concerns about this idea because I have lost a domain name once, not because I did not renew it, but because my hosting company whom I paid for the renewal did not renew it – then they did not get it back when I told them and so the redemption time passed – and I had to pay $200 for that to happen – and I still lost it … that host is now out of business and I am GLAD!

However, if you want to Buy a Domain Name For Life, then go and check out

There is also some really good info there to help you choose a domain name and how it works.

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