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We have probably all heard that content is king, but that saying should be changed to “Regular, fresh content is king”.

Google has been tweaking their search results for a while, and in that process they are weeding out blog sites that:
1. Have little content
2. Are not updated regularly
3. Are full of ads just to make money

So the best thing to do with your blog or website is to dust it off and to start updating it with Regular, Fresh content.

Here are the tips that I have been doing to re-establish the ranking and therefore the position of some of my websites in Google.

I am updating all of the sites and adding in more posts. I used to have a habit of posting daily, thinking that daily posting will show google that the site is being updated regularly and therefore hoping to rank well in the search engines.

However, where I made the mistake with that tactic was alot of the posts were really short and only a few sentences, for example, “I have just added my site to the search engines and will keep monitoring the results, so stay tuned”

While people were interested in the results, the posts were not giving any “meat” and Google ended up dropping a whole lot of them. And knowing what I know now, that is fair enough!

So what and I doing now that is different and is helping me to get my sites to once again rank well in search engines?

I now have a minimum word count per post. Looking at ezine articles for example, the minimum word count used to be 300 words, but now the minimum word count for ezine articles is 400 words. I figure if ezine articles are changing their minimum word count it will be for a good reason!

So taking that into account, I now have set my minimum word count to 350 words per post. While this is not the same as ezine articles, it is more than their old number and I usually go over the 350 words per article.

When you write in WordPress to the left hand side underneath the box that you type your post is “Word Count” and as you type it will update the count for you so you can quickly and easily see what your word count is.

So when you are trying to get your site ranked will in the search engines, instead of thinking that Content is King” use this phrase instead”

Regular, Fresh Content is King!

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