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Today while looking at the site stats for this site, I found that google had dropped alot of the pages that were indexed before. I am guessing that this was because of PANDA who went around merrily dropping pages out of the search engine results. As a result of this, traffic also dropped to this site and other sites that I own. It was a bit scary each day logging into my Google Webmaster Tools account and seeing the number of pages indexed from one site falling DAILY! Started off at about 2000 pages indexed then over a period of time dropped down to about 400 pages indexed – and I was also adding content!

However it did stabilize and has now been slowly climbing back up with over 2000 pages indexed again :D

The Website is the Article Filing Cabinet which is also a wordpress site. So what is the secret to rebuilding your links and getting them back into the search engines?

I am sure you have probably read somewhere that content is king, and that the search engines love content. Now the Article Filing Cabinet is a content site where people submit their articles so surely a site with content added daily would maintain it’s pages in the Google Index?

Ezine Articles which is one of the largest article directories online also had articles dropped and page rank lowered. Here is another site that has fresh content daily and it was dropping.

Ezine articles used to allow submissions of articles with a minimum of 300 words, but now in order to get an article submitted, you need to have a minimum of 400 words. They have changed their criteria by making their articles longer and that equals more information for the user and their page rank went uyp again.

Over at the Article Filing Cabinet I stated being alot more “hard” on what I would allow into the directory, not taking articles under 350 words and making sure that the links on the articles were only at the end of the articles and relevant to the topic in the article.

There is another thing – make sure that links in articles are relevant to the topic of the article.

I used to allow links to any site (as long as it was not illegal or X rated) at the bottom of the article, but now I do not allow that either.

And guess what? Once I did that then the pages again started to get indexed and climb up once again.

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