Google Privacy Policy – An Improvement Or an Invasion Of Privacy?

Google Privacy Policy

Google recently announced that they were going to combine all of their privacy policies (you needed to agree to different ones for each service, like adsense, adwords, webmaster tools etc) into one easy to understand policy and that having one policy would be easier than having to agree to a different one for different services. Now that sounds really good and that it is helping us the end user – but is it really? Maybe not!

Gmail is a part of Google and with the policy if you DO NOT disable the search options, they can keep all of your search data. Now that may not worry you, but what if you are searching for something, well, naughty? Do you want Google to know? And when they get a court order to hand over search data your name and details will be attached to it.

Google will be able to tell anyone what everyone is searching for and the reason for this is so that they can make more money by targeting ads on websites. the downside is that they will also be able to give your personal information to anyone who has a court order.

For example, if you sign up for adwords, you give a credit card. You do not give a credit card when you sign up for adsense. But now because of the “One Privacy Policy Fits All” your credit card details will now be available for any service. And what if Google introduce another service that is a paid service? You will get the “do you want to join” screen, but they could merrily take the subscription off your credit card because you have already given that information and agreed to the policy.

So in conclusion, be aware of what this means for you after all big brother (who is Big G) is watching your every move.

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