Article Marketing – How To Get It To Work For You

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a favourite with many internet marketeers as a way of driving traffic to a website. The basic idea is that you write an article and submit it to the article directories and once it is approved people will start coming to your site. Then when the article is indexed by Google, that will also count as a new backlink to the site.

However, there is one large fault with this idea – getting alot of links (if you write alot of articles) from one site (if you only submit to one site) really only counts as one backlink.

Think about it.
You have 10 articles at ezine articles
They all link back to your site
Therefore you have website that is linked back to your site.

So what do you do?

Sumbit To More Than One Article Directory
The first thing you need to do is get your articles into more than one directory. That way you will have more than one website linking back to you.

Spin Your Articles Before You Submit Them To Other Article Directories
While you can use the same article at different directories, it is far better to spin the article so that you have several versions on the article. The best tool that I have found for spinning articles is this article spinner that I personally use. It will spin phrases as well as individual words and it is quick and easy to use.

Getting Your Link Back Text Right
When you fill in the resource box, make sure that the link back is for the words that you want to rank for. If your site is about widgets but you want to rank for blue widgets, include “blue widgets” in your link back text.

You also need to make sure that the page that your link back goes to is actually about what the link back text says. In other words, of the front page of my website is about widgets in general, but I have a page that is specifically about blue widgets that is the best page to link to.

This is called deep linking and is really valuable in getting relevant back links to your website. You have to make sure though that the page that you are linking back to is not a rewrite of the article that you are submitting as often a link back to the same content is not accepted.

Once I have spun the article I then go off to different article directories and submit my articles.

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